the ceremony of myth and metal

Amanda Hunt Jewelry explores our connection to myth, symbolism and the collective unconscious. Influenced by the cosmos, animal totems, and stone lore throughout time and cultures, her designs aim to be a talisman for the wearer, bringing them closer to universal symbols of protection, love, strength, and transformation.  Using ethically sourced metals and stones, each piece is cast or fabricated by hand and intentionally made to look as if it came right out of the earth. 

As a metalsmith and dancer, Amanda brings a lifelong passion for art, storytelling, and the creative process to her designs. She hand makes her collections with the intent that jewelry can be our armor, our love story, and our connection to the past. In turn, each piece is created to not only adorn the wearer, but to also create a unique bond with them. 

Amanda lives and works in Northern California.




Rarity 3.jpg

Photo by Eva Kolenko