Silver & Gold

We recommend gently washing your pieces with unscented, clear dish soap and a soft toothbrush as desired.  

The blackish color of oxidized sterling silver and gold is a special treatment that is achieved by careful processing. With time and wear the color of the oxidized metal may lighten a bit. This is natural and organic occurrence.  If you attempt to clean oxidized sterling silver or gold with a cloth or chemical it may strip off the oxidized finish.


Brass & Bronze

It is natural for brass and bronze jewelry to oxidize over time.  To slow down this process, store your pieces in plastic zip lock bags when they are not being worn.  


Jewelry should be handled with care! 

Excessive bending will cause the pieces to break. In order to achieve a long lifespan of your jewels, keep adjustments to a minimum. 

Remove jewelry before showering, swimming, or exercising.  

Do not expose to continuous moisture or heat.



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