The desert is a place of harsh elements and alluring mirages; a timeless place of transformation.  A place where we wander inward and seek a deeper understanding of both dark and light, time and space.  The Omens collection is an exploration of the symbolism, landscape, and guiding forms designed to navigate our journey through this desert.  Below, scarab and snake forms remind us that we are constantly growing and reinventing.  While above, the sun, moon, and stars guide us with time and direction, dawn through dusk.  In the Omens Collection, these forms are immortalized in rich golden brass, sterling silver and 14k gold, textured and oxidized, as if they were pulled directly out of the desert sands to adorn and protect us.  These desert omens and delicate totems act as talismans to keep us safe and guide us, on our lifelong journey to find whatever it is we may seek.


Photos: Eva Kolenko . Model: Logan Link . Styling: Jenn Bonnet . Hair+Makeup Regard Tang